playrificGlobal Entrepreneurship Week was in full swing last week, with universities throughout the area hosting workshops, classes, conferences, and other events that celebrate and educate both aspiring and seasoned business people. In the spirit of the event, we’re celebrating Beth Marcus, one of the most experienced speakers, successful inventors, and entrepreneurs we know.

Founder and CEO of Playrific, Inc., Ms. Marcus is a tech-industry start-up veteran of twenty-four years. She is well published and has more than thirty patents to her name. She has spoken at InPlay, LearnLaunch, GoldenSeeds Innovation Summit, TIE Boston, and teaches an annual MIT conference on marketing for engineers. Ms. Marcus has founded, invested in, or advised more than twenty start-ups. Several were acquired by public companies, including MicroSoft, LeapFrog, and HTMedical.

Ms. Marcus received a Bachelor of Science (SB) and Master of Science (MS) in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. She followed that as a Marshall Scholar at Imperial College, London, taking her PhD in Biomechanics. She then joined the Mechanical Engineering faculty at MIT.

Her first company, EXOS, gave us the SideWinder force feedback joystick. MicroSoft bought her first company and Beth continued her entrepreneurial journey. Next, she founded Zeemote, Inc. and designed, manufactured, marketed, and licensed her wireless controller technology and products for use with mobile devices.

In 2010 she founded Playrific, Inc., a customizable mobile and web app providing kids age-appropriate content, including educational videos, interactive games, and entertaining books appealing to the kids’ likes and interests. With proprietary algorithms and unique technology, Playrific more fully engages kids with customized material, improving screen time not only with the elimination of commercials but by enabling trusted family and friends to share their own content – photos, videos, or something else – within a safe platform.

Ms. Marcus is a woman in tech we love to hear from and follow, someone whose knowledge, ingenuity, and willingness to share seems boundless.