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Phoenix-Angela-Sticca-SynderHer Name:

Angela Sticca Snyder

Her Business:


Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: www.taxanista.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/taxanista

Why we love her:

Because Angela’s motto “knowledge is power” can only be achieved when Taxanista simplifies difficult concepts so that ANY business owner can understand and implement goals necessary to achieve their dreams.

They quite simply take the mystery out of money and create a peace of mind in an area that is riddled with anxiety.

Claim to fame:

What makes Angela different isn’t that she’s got a personality; or over 24 years of experience; is fully licensed with the IRS; or even that she graduated from High School at 16; Bachelors in Accounting at 19; or her Master’s degree in Taxation at 21.

No, what makes the Taxanista’s office different is that they are proactive, not reactive with their clients; that they actually return phone calls and emails; and that they don’t just hand you your taxes, they sit down and educate you on ways to save money, be better organized and understand your books. 

Angela and her team are not simply unlicensed bookkeepers, they are professional accountants.

What she’s up to now:

The Taxanistas are working on strategic steps to move their firm to a more national level.  They are increasing staff, tightening up their processes and engaging high leveled planners to help them achieve this goal.

Little-known fact:

At the age of 22, Angela started a business of designing and importing sweaters from Nepal and landed them in the Nordstrom department store, among many other famous boutiques all thru the snow belt of the Midwest.

They say she is:

Triple A (as in not just a type A personality, I’m a AAA). Unusually creative for an Accountant.

Guilty pleasure:

Pizza of ANY kind!

What she loves most about her city:

The small town feel and the people.