Sarah-Yonover-hipknotiesLast week, I had the opportunity of sitting down with Sarah Yonover, who is the owner and creator of a product called Hipknoties. Hipknoties is an all-in-one infinity scarf-wrap-dress-halter top-skirt-shawl-cape-one shoulder dress that really has unlimited style potential.

Yonover developed this clever yet simple fashion concept completely by accident. During summer 2011, when traveling to New York, Sarah would only bring carry on luggage. Being limited as to what she could pack, she took her infinity scarf that she would wear and began to twist and tie it using rubber bands. Almost effortlessly, she was able to create a one-shoulder dress, a halter-top, a wrap, a vest, a maxi skirt and more.  She had her kids take pictures of her in the different ways and texted them to friends and family.  No one realized that they were the same garment just styled differently.

In no time at all, she was at the fabric store and within an hour was sitting at the kitchen table creating her first Hipknoties and literally only brought Hipknoties with her on her trip!  Of course, the greatest perk of traveling light is then the added ability to make room for fabulous bags and shoes with which to accessorize.

I thought it would be a fun format to include some of Yonover’s interview as more of a Q&A, so that you can hear all about the passion & innovation, which has created her success directly from her.

Interview with Sarah Yonover, creator of Hipknoties

If you had to guess how many ways have you personally come up with for styling your own Hipknoties?  Can you even begin to pick a favorite way?

I don’t think I could begin to count!  And honestly, there really are infinite ways to wear a Hipknoties!  One of our first taglines was “Infinite Style”, but through research, I have learned that women like to have a concrete number to work with, so we just came up with the number 30, because that is a months worth of outfits!

I have a lot of favorite ways to wear Hipknoties.  For my style, and me I like to show off my shoulders more, so I tend to do halters, and one shoulder ways more often.  I also like to keep my Hipknoties on the drapery side, rather than making it fitted to my body.

Building a brand from the ground up is so stressful. Talk about being a “mompreneur”. How do you balance work & home?

I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful husband and 2 terrific daughters who are so supportive of Hipknoties and me.  I don’t think of Hipknoties as work… it is my passion.  It is part of me.  

Where do you find your drive & inspiration, on the days when the business gets tough?

My drive and ambition comes from women all over the world thanking me for creating Hipknoties.  When I get emails and pictures from women, it is the BEST feeling in the world.  I love how Hipknoties empowers ALL women to be true to themselves and feel beautiful in something so simple.  

What advice would you give women entering both the fashion industry and really just the entrepreneur’s world in general?

If you believe in yourself and what you are doing, don’t stop.  Don’t be afraid or let the fear stop you.  Perseverance goes a long way.  Nothing comes easily.  But if you want something bad enough, you just do it.  The more you put yourself out there, the more vulnerable you will become… and that is a hard balance.  I am going through that now… But at the end of the day, loving yourself, being true to yourself and enthusiasm go a very long way and people respond to that.

Everyone has limited time and resources and people are smart.  So for me, it’s about being myself, and being proud of who I am and what I do.

In just two short years, Yonover has been featured in several magazines including {grace}, Glamour, Lucky, and the Huffington Post,  as well as television segments like the Today show, Wendy Williams, and ACCESS Hollywood.