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Her Name:

Kimberly Cabral

Her Business:

MASK (Mothers’ Awareness on School-age Kids)

Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: maskmatters.org

Facebook: MASK(Mothers Awareness on School-age Kids)

Twitter: @maskmatters

Google+: MASK

Pinterest: maskmatters

YouTube: maskmatters

About Her:

Kimberly Cabral is the Founder of MASK (Mothers’ Awareness on School-age Kids),a 501 (c) 3 non- profit organization, and publisher of MASK the Magazine.

Kimberly is the mother of a blended family of five children, who started MASK after a conversation in the car with her son who was about to enter middle school. Realizing that issues related to drug use, drinking, bullying, and safety are affecting children much younger than the currently established prevention programs were reaching; she approached other moms who shared her same concerns. Together, after receiving training by experts such as police detectives and psychologists in various areas that included drugs, bullying, and internet safety, they formed MASK, which offers free programs and presentations to children, parents and schools.

Kimberly’s passion for reaching families led her to then create MASK the Magazine, which is a quarterly publication that provides information for parents about the issues affecting today’s changing families, as well as student-produced work that gives insight into the world they live in. With so many parents time-deprived and unable to make one more commitment to attend a program or meeting, Kimberly’s goal with MASK the Magazine was to provide a resource for busy moms and dads, families and professionals to stay up-to-date on the important issues effecting school-age children.

In addition to school programs and magazine production, Kimberly strives to recognize moms making a difference in their communities. In that spirit, she created the MASK “Moms Making a Difference” Unity Award, which gives all nominees an opportunity to share information about their organization or cause, as well as honors them and the winner at an exceptional luncheon hosted by MASK.

Kimberly’s vision and passion have led her to strive to help families and selflessly honor others. Most importantly Kimberly believes in helping school-age children make better decisions, because they are our most precious resource.