Fab Five: Women You Should Know is a monthly feature for Entreprenista’s local City Pages. Each month we shine the spotlight on 5 fabulous women entrepreneurs in your city – connect with them, be inspired by them, and join us in celebrating their success.

Her Name:

Rebecca Busch

Her Business:

Medical Business Associates

Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: MBAaudit.com

Her Blog: Rebeccabusch.com

Twitter:  @HealthCareFraud

Why we love her:

She is the female version of MR. Wolfe from Pulp Fiction. If you have a problem she will find the solution.

Claim to fame:

Rebecca and her team are adept at pursuing the ethically challenged. Seriously, their mission is to make it difficult for bad people to profit.

What she’s up to now:

She is in the process of putting her healthcare audit tools into a web based platform to commercialize them for others to use.

Little-known fact:

Being a first generation Cuban American has driven a great deal of her work ethic that aside Rebecca fancies herself as an amateur chef. Her goal in life was to open up a gourmet breakfast restaurant. Instead she became a nurse and an entrepreneur who pursues healthcare fraud waste and abuse. They donate 10 to 15% of our time to victims that fall through the cracks.

They say she is:

Tenacious, Persistent, and Loyal

Guilty pleasure:

Her Cuban coffee in the morning… if not she could be lethal.

What she loves most about her city:

“Diversity – of people food and culture – and we don’t wait in line like our neighbor city in New York.”