Fab Five: Women You Should Know is a monthly feature for Entreprenista’s local City Pages. Each month we shine the spotlight on 5 fabulous women entrepreneurs in your city – connect with them, be inspired by them, and join us in celebrating their success.

Her Name:

Janiece Noel

Her Business:

J. Noel Public Relations

Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: http://jnoelpr.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/jnoelpr

Twitter and Instagram: @JNoelPR

Why we love her:

Janiece started her own company after being laid off. It took the pink slip as a
blessing in disguise because it gave her the opportunity to be her own boss
and work with people and brands she is truly passionate about.

Claim to fame:

Janiece constantly foster relationships in and outside of her client base. She goes
the extra mile to make clients shine.

What she’s up to now:

Janiece is a partner with Corinne Meier in I Love Being a She Preneur. As
co-founders, they have been able to consult other women
entrepreneurs with their best tips and strategies. They encourage a buddy system with
goals to create confidence and increase the global economy with women at
the forefront. (Us girls at Entreprenista love that!)

Janiece is also in negotiation for her first novel and her company, J. Noel PR, is growing most rapidly in publicity representation and event planning with a new branch in LA soon!

Little-known fact:

I have a secret obsession for Fanta Strawberry soda and I own a surf board.

They say she is:

Bubbly, Forward Thinker, Heart of Gold

Guilty pleasure:

Surfing! Whenever I get the chance. It is my outlet and being out in the
deep blue is exciting and a great stress reliever.

However, I love coffee…lots of it. And I do watch “Girls.”

What she loves most about her city:

“Chicago is so friendly with always something new and exciting…not just
because of our great sports teams either.

The food, music, architecture, history and cocktail culture make this city

Quite excited to experience the sun and action of LA too, though!”