Fab Five: Women You Should Know is a monthly feature for Entreprenista’s local City Pages. Each month we shine the spotlight on 5 fabulous women entrepreneurs in your city – connect with them, be inspired by them, and join us in celebrating their success.

Her Name:

Hanna Ashbaugh

Her Business:

Hanna Lee Style

Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: www.hannaleestyle.com

You can also find her on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram: Hanna Lee Style.

Why we love her:

Hanna is a personal shopper and wardrobe stylist. Price, transparency, clarity, and being family friendly is what sets her apart from other stylists. She specializes in helping women look put-together with complete outfits versus a pieces-only-wardrobe.

Claim to fame:

Hanna is not a “I do-anything-you-want-me-to-stylist”. Her clients know what they want and Hanna provides it.

Potential clients don’t have the fear of the unknown price shopping, they immediately see her rates when they land on her website. Hiring any specialized consultant can be price-intimidating. Hanna wants it to be clear for potential clients.

She is kid friendly. Most of her clients have children and she is totally great with kids (her years of nannying throughout high school and college paid off!)

What she’s up to now:

Hanna is publishing a book.  A book of Now and Then: grandma’s wardrobe. Comparing photos of her grandma and herself in outfits from her wardrobe that Hanna currently has adopted as her own. Demonstrating how pieces can literally be timeless and still chic. She has so many pieces from her that she wears daily! (Even her engagement ring!)

Little-known fact:

Most people don’t know that she has an uncanny memory with names and faces. If Hanna has met you once it’s unlikely she will forget your name. However, she can watch a movie she’s seen 10 times and a new scene comes up and she won’t remember it.

They say she is:

Honest, Committed and Loving

Guilty pleasure:

Bad singing but she still does it – especially with her husband as her one and only “groupie”. She even admits to making up really great songs for him.

What she loves most about her city:

The architecture and the neighborhoods! “The architecture is so inspiring. And there are SO many places and neighborhoods in Chicago, it’s amazing.”