Fab Five: Women You Should Know is a monthly feature for Entreprenista’s local City Pages. Each month we shine the spotlight on 5 fabulous women entrepreneurs in your city – connect with them, be inspired by them, and join us in celebrating their success.

Her Name:

Angelica Cox

Her Business:

C3 Products International, LLC

Where You Can Find Her Online:

Website: www.thewizor.com

Facebook: facebook.com/TheWizor

Instagram: instagram.com/TheWizor

Why we love her:

Angelica launched a “Why didn’t I think of that?” product into the market all the while juggling three small children and doing it all herself!

Claim to fame:

She is great role model not only for women in general, but especially young Hispanic women. She is very passionate about young Hispanic girls staying in school, getting good grades, going to college and following their dreams. Angelica can’t wait to be at a point when she can be a keynote speaker to these girls and advocate for their careers.

What she’s up to now:

Angelica is working on an nationwide DRTV campaign and getting ready for the International Housewares Shows early next year.

Little-known fact:

She has never had a cavity.

They say she is:

Driven, Square (She likes things symmetrical), Passionate

Guilty pleasure:

Starbuck’s Soy Mocha, no whip, no foam

What she loves most about her city:

The Diversity.