Vanessa_Shaw_Expert_Interview Today we are interviewing Vanessa Shaw with  Vanessa is a Business Growth & Income Acceleration Mentor for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

You’ve been in the professional coaching field for 8 years, what’s the most important thing you’ve learned?

The most important thing I’ve learned during that time is the importance of understanding the deeper “why” behind my and my client’s work. There is a lot of talk about setting a clear vision so that you know where you’re headed and that’s certainly important but  without knowing your deeper personal “why” there is  a vital piece that’s missing for me. Having a deeper why that goes beyond achieving our own goals and that makes a bigger contribution to the world around us provides the fuel to keep going when the inevitable fear and doubt creep back in again. When you have a deeper compelling why, giving up is not an option because you are acting from a deeper place of service to others.

What compels you to work with passion-driven entrepreneurs? 

Even hearing the words “passion driven” gets me excited!  It’s about the level of energy and engagement that entrepreneurs show up with. Being an entrepreneur is limitless. There are no limits on how you use your own talents, there are no limits on your income (apart from the mental ones you may create for yourself!) and there are no limits as to the impact you can have in the world. For me the level of passion is about 3 things – Firstly that they are passionate about what they do. Secondly, that they are passionate about making a far bigger contribution in the world. Thirdly, that they are passionate about thinking big about the opportunities that can be created. Guiding entrepreneurs to transform their passion for helping others into a lucrative and sustainable business is hugely rewarding for me.  I can add a lot of value in helping entrepreneurs get out of overwhelm, get out of their own way and move into a more focused way of operating that will ultimately affect their bottom line as well as their own peace of mind.

We’ve all experienced success and failure, what advice would you offer in this area?

What I’ve come to learn around failure is 2 key lessons.  If I’m not “failing” in certain areas of my business then I’m probably not challenging myself enough. I also have a strong inner perfectionist that wants to “do it right” and not look foolish; but, I’ve learned that this approach often just slows me down and causes me to procrastinate. The learning is to be found in the experience of the “doing” and when you take action you can evaluate and course correct along the way.  Which brings me to the 2nd lesson – if you are taking action and you’re not getting the results you desire then now you at least have something to review and evaluate. This is not a failure but a valuable learning process that you can build upon in the future. So this is about continual learning and improvement rather than “failure”.

For me the only real failure is not starting in the first place and never putting yourself in situations where you actively explore your own potential. Life is frankly too short to play small and the images that most of us hold in our own minds of what failure looks like are typically unlikely to happen.  My advice? Get a coach or mentor who will challenge and support you to explore the boundaries of your own comfort zone.  The perceived “failures” will be easier to process and success will likely come more quickly!

Tell us about your upcoming event.  

Thanks for asking, as I’m very excited about this upcoming event. I’ve only lived in the States for a little over a year and it’s been part of my own dream to move to the States and to host my own transformational business event.  It’s taking place on November 15  & 16 at the Wigwam Resort and we are going to be diving into some very powerful subjects that will help entrepreneurs understand what’s truly stopping them achieving the income levels they desire as well as providing practical strategies for business and financial growth. This event is for those entrepreneurs who are ready to take a stand for what they truly desire, want to generate more income doing the work they love and want to breakthrough to their next level of success.

Your event is all about being bolder and playing bigger, why is this so important for women entrepreneurs?

Women often lack confidence which in business can translate into not charging what they’re worth for their services, working too hard for too little results and getting frustrated because they know they are capable of so much more.  In order for women to become more successful in business they also need to look at their own relationship with money and success to understand where they will sabotage their own efforts. Women naturally want to serve the world and add value in authentic ways and by empowering them to step up and be more successful in business, they can have a much bigger impact on the world around them.

What excites you most about this event? Why should others be looking forward to it as well?

Am I allowed to share two things?  I’ve put a lot of thought into the content that I’ll be sharing so that women entrepreneurs can experience deeper transformations that will enable them to enjoy far greater success.  My intention is that they not only leave the event with some very valuable insights but that they also have some clear action steps to prepare them for huge success in 2014. I’m also thrilled at the caliber of women who have registered for this event – they are women who are passionate about making a difference in their own lives as well as for others and who aren’t afraid to invest in the inspiration, learning and support to give  themselves the best chance of success. I know that some deep connections and new collaborations will be made at this event too.

Where can we learn more?

You can go to to find out more and register.

I also have a FREE Money Breakthrough Video training series out right now that women entrepreneurs can benefit from at that will help women shatter their own financial glass ceiling.