In the beginning, running a business or working for yourself can be an all-consuming endeavor. The excitement and drive to succeed can lead to long hours, little or no time off, and a subsequent distance between us and our friends. This disconnect, while sometimes only temporary, may not be helping us succeed with our entrepreneurial dreams.

Taking breaks from Friday night clubbing or some other party scene isn’t always a bad thing. It gives us time to focus and be productive without interruption. However, an active, positive, social life can also play a major role in our overall happiness and satisfaction with our lives, which, in turn, can lead to greater success in our businesses.

Spending time with people that we care about and who lift us up is a major stress reliever. It gets us out of our heads and our to-do lists and into the moment, where we’re more likely to have fun and let go of built-up tension. The ability to talk over concerns, as well as celebrate successes with someone trusted, also adds immeasurable quality to a life that may be spent largely in a solo operation, as the modern entrepreneur well knows.

If you’re thinking that there is no possible way that you have time for anything else, take a moment to remember why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. One of the most cited reasons for starting a business is the ability to make one’s own schedule. If that was a reason for you, then make an executive decision to carve out some time for friends.

When deciding how you’ll spend your social time, make your choices based on quality, not quantity. Your time is your most valuable asset, so don’t waste it on relationships or events that will leave you frustrated, drained, or wishing you’d stayed home to work. Does a dinner party with an acquaintance sound like a chore? Politely decline. But if the invite to an autumn bonfire with your besties makes you excited, then make the time.

Choosing activities that you actually want to participate in, with people that you really want to spend time with, will do wonders to alleviate stress and give you a boost of much needed energy. Your mood, creativity, and business are sure to benefit.