“Sex appeal is fifty percent what you’ve got and fifty percent what people think you’ve got.” – Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is an IT Girl. Oprah Winfrey is an IT Girl. Arianna Huffington is an IT Girl. Ali Brown is an IT Girl. Danielle LaPorte is an IT Girl.

Are you an IT Girl?

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Alison Arnold, AKA Doc Ali, at a networking event in Scottsdale, Arizona. Doc Ali is an amazing woman and accomplished entrepreneur. Internationally known as a fear liberator, she is the founder of HeadGames and Scream and Run Naked. Doc Ali has worked with some impressive organizations, including the US Olympic Gymnastics Team, United States Figure Skating, Woman President’s Organization, American Express, and the Boeing Company, and has even appeared in a professional capacity on reality shows like Scott Baio is 45…and Single, Charm School, and Bad Girls Club. Oh yes, Doc Ali is definitely an IT Girl.

So what’s an IT Girl? According to Doc Ali, “An IT Girl is a woman who knows who she is, what she likes, and how she wants to portray herself. She is clear on her values and lives them.”

Hey, I’m an IT Girl, too! How about you?

Here’s Doc Ali’s full list of the 10 Qualities of an IT Girl:

  1. An IT Girl is a woman who knows who she is, what she likes, and how she wants to portray herself. She is clear on her values and lives them.
  2. The IT Girl knows she is Valuable and Rare. She sees herself and what she offers the world as unique and special.
  3. The IT Girl knows she is good at what she does and embraces it without apology.
  4. The IT Girl knows what she deserves and asks for IT. She knows that “needy is creepy” and keeps that mantra in mind at all times. She does not sell out, over-compensate, or over-compromise.
  5. The IT Girl stands by her values. Nothing takes her out of integrity – especially not over-pleasing or fear of loss.
  6. The IT Girl is BUSY! People see that her time is valuable and limited. She consults her calendar and if it’s free, still offers limited time.
  7. The IT Girl is positive and happy. She only shows her cards to a limited number of people seeing disappointments as their loss but at the same time aware enough to examine ways to better herself and business.
  8. The IT Girl maintains mystery. Mystery about her life, her projects and even her thoughts. She doesn’t over process, disclosing her inner-most secrets to the world.
  9. The IT Girl takes care of herself and IT shows. She brands herself at all times. How she speaks, what she wears, how she acts, and who she surrounds herself with.
  10. The IT Girl is warm, gracious, and of service. She is happy for others successes, and is not catty or gossipy because she doesn’t need to compete. She knows she is one-in-a-million and acknowledges that any time a woman competes with another woman she demeans herself.

Even if you don’t quite hit the mark on all 10 of these ‘qualifiers’ of an IT Girl, I would be willing to bet you have several. And the rest? Put them on your ‘to do’ list. Make them a part of your mission, your manifesto. Strive to ‘be’ an IT Girl every single day.

Because you’re already one-in-a-million… now own it!