Last year, I heard a compelling closing keynote at the International Freelancers Day Conference. Speaker Peleg Top’s topic was Designing an Abundant Life and one of the points he spoke about was gratitude.

One of the things Peleg shared in his keynote was that a combination of love, gratitude and creativity brings abundance to your life—including your business life. I couldn’t agree more.

I’ve always felt strongly about gratitude, keeping a handwritten gratitude journal at one point and now using a gratitude app on my iPhone. But I’m guessing the word ‘gratitude’ doesn’t immediately come to mind when most people think about their small businesses.


Expressing gratitude makes you feel good, but I agree that it can also create abundance in your life. I often find that when I express gratitude, a new opportunity presents itself. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get out of a bad mood or creative funk. It’s almost impossible to be irritable when you are feeling grateful. (During many months of sleep deprivation with a newborn, using my gratitude app every day was a lifesaver.)

So, how can you practice gratitude in your small business? Here are a few of my own examples:

  • Acknowledge a vendor who did a great job.
  • Send a thank you note to a client who pays invoices quickly.
  • Treat a colleague to lunch.
  • Send a thank you card to a client after a project is completed.
  • Send a note to a conference speaker whose session resonated with you.
  • Reach out to an author whose book made an impact on your business.

It always makes my day when I receive a thank you note or email from a happy client. So I know that by sharing my gratitude with others, they feel the same way.

Small business is all about collaboration—working together to grow our businesses. Imagine how rich our business relationships could be if we all expressed gratitude regularly.