As we enter into another season of cooler temperatures, it’s always difficult to determine which trends will carry over from the following season, as well as just which ones need to be placed deep in the archives of the record-breaking temperatures of summer. Following these simple guidelines are sure to keep you on trend and on point:

1. Do invest in eye-catching outerwear

While the primary goal is to keep everything as simple as can be, don’t be afraid to experiment.  Whether you prefer to invest in a parka, some leather, or a gorgeous piece of faux fur, have fun, and don’t forget to play with various lengths.  Pairing this look with a bold pattern or colorful hat, scarf or set of gloves, will keep you trendy, out in the streets as well as in the office.

2. Do embrace the timeless classic prints

Bright neon colors that have been trending over the spring and summer are perfect for their appropriate season, menswear fabrics such as hounds-tooth, plaids, and stripes are great options in remaining both chic and professional.

3. Dare to take a chance on winter white

As the temperatures drop, its natural to gravitate towards the darker, richer color palettes. This is a more than perfect reason for you not to take a chance on a vibrant winter white piece for your wardrobe.

4. Don’t overdo the leopard print

One of the hottest trends has been animal print over the past few years, and while unique trends like these don’t tend to last season after season, a hint of specifically this cat print will keep your outfit on point.  Dare to have fun with it, by choosing various different colors while you’re going all out.

5. Don’t go overboard on the layering

Piling on extra pieces, mixing textures, and mix-matching pieces are also trends that are not going anywhere soon.  It is important to remember that the key to mixing and matching is to pair sheer with leather, or sweaters with tights to minimize bulkiness. Don’t go crazy; an outfit with several components should always remain as streamlined as possible.

6. Don’t discard the peplum

This is a look that has quickly moved from trending to timeless. The peplum is a look that can flatter any body type as long as you are careful in choosing just what peplum is right for you.  This pattern can define any waistline, camouflage, or even add curves to a boyish figure.

Credits: Photographer – Tami Simmons; Model- Amy McClennon