December is crazy!  Can you get it all done without losing your cool?  It’s definitely a challenge!  Here’s five tips to put in your holiday bag of juggling tricks:

1. Leave wiggle room.

When you create your to-do list, allocate enough time for two mid-day snacks, to read for at least ten minutes, and to experience a three minute zen tranquility moment.

If you can’t fit in time to sit down to eat a celery stalk with almond butter, you have too much on your plate. Prioritize.  Drop one item (for good) from today’s must-do, lengthy list.

2. Keep your water bottle glued to your hip.

Sip water throughout the day.   It will keep you calmer than any other beverage and the other side effects (more beautiful skin, accelerated weight loss, and better mental clarity) are fabulous too.  Drink one glass of water before bed to reduce tomorrow’s cortisol level.

3. Exercise.

Moving your body is one of the best ways to reduce holiday stress.  Phoenix-based physician, Dr. Michelle May (author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat) says “if you don’t have thirty minutes for fitness each day, you’re too busy.”   I agree.

4. Nurture yourself.  Especially during this fun, but hectic, month.

Block time for daily, weekly, and monthly rejuvenation.  Today I am going to treat myself to a homemade avocado face mask.   This week, I am taking a speed walk and grabbing a green smoothie with my friend Carol.  Each month I have an awesome massage with Reggie.

What will you do today, this week, this month to take care of yourself?  Block it right now!

5. Be present.

The best holiday gift you can give yourself, and those you love, is permission to single task and be present! (More on this topic next week.)

Got a tip for ditching holiday stress that works like a charm?  If so, please drop me a note: Syd@SydHoffman.com.   In a few weeks, I’ll share your idea with other Entreprenista lovelies including a link to your website.

Let’s make it a fabulous month! xo.