It brings me great joy to share 5 Secrets of High Energy People using the acronym “W.O.M.E.N.”

The “W” stands for “WAKE UP EARLY TO GREET THE DAY.” High energy people enjoy their morning time for planning, watching the sun rise, listening to the birds sing, or fitting an exercise workout in.  

Ironman Chris McCormack says that some mornings, he can’t get excited to work out, so he will coax himself, promising that if he bails along the way, its okay.  Putting on his clothes, he thinks, “just hop in the car.   Then, swim one lap.”   At that point, if I’m not in the mood, I will go home.   But you know what?   That rarely happens.  

The “O” stands for “OBSTACLES ARE OPPORTUNITIES.”  High energy people know that along the journey there will be obstacles.   These moments provide opportunities for learning, growing, and changing direction.

The “M” stands for “ME TIME”.  High energy people understand that it’s important to schedule “ME TIME” daily, weekly, and monthly.  

For example, I treasure a few moments of quiet time each day.  It only takes 60 seconds of quiet time to recharge your brain.  Every Sunday night, I look forward to my weekly homemade face mask.  And every month, I adore receiving a massage.   What does your daily, weekly, and monthly “ME TIME” look like?

The “E” stands for “EAT SENSIBLY. PLAN AHEAD.”  High energy people eat nutritious mini-meals: healthy foods that they take with them.  They don’t leave it to chance or let vending machines scream out at them. 

Today my insulated food bag has my vitamins, a cloth napkin, hummus and chopped veggies, an apple, a banana, a salad, and my water bottle.   Take a few minutes to plan your meals and your energy level will soar.

The “N” stands for “NEW ADVENTURE TO LOOK FORWARD TO.”   High energy people work hard and play hard.  It’s much easier to work on a project when you know that it won’t be long before you have a fun afternoon play date, a mini vacation, or an adventure that makes you smile wider than the Grand Canyon.

Please consider making small tweaks in your day to fit in some of these high energy secrets in your life, taking your healthy journey one step at a time.