does-it-matter-how-many-like-you-if-they-dont-buyThese days, social media has become one of the most important marketing tools that companies have. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone walking that doesn’t have their own page. Heck, I am convinced that a friend’s two-year-old has his own page – and is probably more active than most adults that I know. Companies are constantly developing content to engage followers, add followers, etc.  And over the course of several posts, period of time, you name it… one more “like” is garnered. But then what?

Let’s assume that every single time a person is added to your following, your company sends out a quick “thank you.” And let’s also assume that you respond to every comment that someone makes (I mean, this is what every book says to do, right?). How long does it take for that fan to call you or ask for your product/service?  Hours? Weeks? Ever?

Sadly, social media statistics gives small business owners a false sense of security. If your competitors have a crazy number of fans, you start to question what you are doing wrong (and not that they are, but you know that you can buy “fans,” right?). But if those fans aren’t giving you dollar bills – so what? 

While most people think differently, there is a huge difference between fan and customer. Case in point: do you think every single Justin Bieber “fan” can afford to go to his concerts? I doubt it. Focus your attention and time accordingly.