One of the complaints I often hear about blogging is, “I don’t know what to write about.” I look at blogging like any other practice: the more you do it, the better you become, or in this case, the more you blog, the easier it will be—and the more post ideas you will have.

If you’re feeling stuck, here are a few of my tips to inspire a blog post:

1. Review your social media feeds:

Have you shared an article that got lots of shares or retweets? Expand on it on your blog.

2. Do a resource round-up:

This is an easy way to put together a blog post. Review your social media feed or recent saved articles. Pull 5 or so that are in the same theme, write a nice intro and there you have it.

3. Post a really great photo:

Sometimes you only need a strong image and a few words to share something inspiring.

4. Get inspired by a book:

Reading a great book related to your industry? Write a book review or share your top takeaways,  or pull a quote from the book that speaks to you and elaborate on it. You could even discuss something you don’t agree with.

5. Answer your customer or client’s questions:

What types of questions do your clients ask you? One of these questions can be the perfect theme for a post. Plus, if they are asking you about this topic, then other people in your target market are likely also interested in it (and we are all blogging for our target audience, right?).

6. Interview a fellow business owner:

This is one of my favorite types of blog posts to write. I share regular interviews on my blog Biz Mama and I always learn something or get inspired. Make it more interactive with a video interview.

7. Share a quote:

Sometimes, just a powerful quote from someone (past or present) can be enough to make a good blog post.

Don’t forget to save your ideas!

One of the most important parts of successful blogging is having a place to store your blog post ideas. Some people use their Notes app or a Word doc. I use the app Evernote to save ideas or potential posts, tagging them with the blog it may fit with (I guest blog for several small business and parenting blogs).

Ready to jump-start your blogging this year?