Wait, that must be a misprint, right? It should have read positive thinking. After all, negative thinking is destructive process that all of us are trying to avoid, right? Right?

It’s Only Natural

The truth is, negative thoughts are a normal part of life for everyone. Even the most successful people in the world have to deal with them. The trick is to recognize these thoughts for what they are and refuse to let them cascade into a bad mood that is ultimately unproductive and emotionally damaging. Negative thoughts are nothing to fear. It is not the thoughts themselves that are so destructive. It is succumbing to the fear that does the real damage. If you can find a way to reject the fear, or better yet, embrace the fear, you can use negative thoughts as even more fuel to reach your lifestyle and business goals.


Meditating can be a powerful addition to your daily routine. But you don’t need to be a Buddhist monk to realize the benefits of this kind of thinking. Or is it non-thinking? While meditating, you let thoughts and emotions run smoothly over your mind until they drift away back into the vast sea of your subconscious. Where do all your thoughts come from? Well, perhaps nobody really knows, but we can assume for purposes of communication that they arise in your subconscious, that part of your mind not readily accessible but very influential. Meditation is not about shutting down your thoughts completely. It’s about recognizing that these thoughts are ultimately fleeting, not representations of your true self. They are simply thoughts. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t reject them, but let them drift away on their own.

Putting Fear to Work

Since negative thoughts are really nothing substantial, how do they become so destructive? The answer is obsession and fear. It’s easy to fall victim to fixation and fear. Certainly the world is full of plenty of negative imagery and unfortunate occurrences that they can be dwelled upon endlessly. But can this kind of fixation really accomplish anything? All it does is cause mental paralysis due to fear. Don’t dwell on negative thoughts and allow them to snowball into a bad state of mind. Take the fear you feel, recognize it as a natural emotion, and work to mold that fear into positive action. Sound silly? Remember, fear is pure energy. It excites your body and mind, allowing you to outrun that tiger in the bush or prepare an awesome business presentation.

Control Your Thoughts with Your Actions

Surround yourself with positive people that treat you with love and respect. At the same time, share your love and respect with others, even those with bad attitudes. Though you’re certainly not responsible for other people losing control to their negative thoughts, you’re doing the world a service by generating positivity everywhere you go. Connect with people on an emotional level and help others when you’re able. And of course, don’t forget to love and respect yourself. When you live a life filled with positive actions, negative thinking becomes trivial. You realize that ultimately it has no real power.