Small businesses and their owners deserve the same respect as all other businesses.  This realization played out at an event I was at recently.

It was 10 minutes before the close of a two-day show and the vendors were getting ready to leave. One of the vendors packed up early and someone who was with them knocked over another vendor’s display and ending up breaking an item.  When it came down to paying the vendor whose merchandise she broke, she preceded to belittle the other vendor’s prices and the item that was broken. The vendor didn’t end up getting the full value for the broken item because the lady said she didn’t have enough cash.

Being an onlooker to this incident made me question, “What would happen if we were at a store and not an event?”  If this same incident happened at a retail store, would the lady imply to the manager that she doesn’t have money to pay for broken item because it’s overpriced? I think not. This lack of respect is going to cause big problems if it continues on. Vendor fairs and showcase events are not filled with a  bunch of people who have subpar goods. The vendors at these events are often very talented people who are creative entrepreneurs. If you go to one of these events remember to have the same respect for these entrepreneurs as you do at a big name store.