I love networking. It’s one of my favorite ways grow my business and connect with other women entrepreneurs. I recently attended a happy hour networking event on the rooftop of the W Hotel in Scottsdale, called The Quarterly – five organizations, all dedicated to helping to connect fabulous women, coming together in the spirit of collaboration. And while I was there, the coolest thing happened.

One woman, a salon owner, was talking to another woman about a wonderful event she was preparing for. The Monday after Mother’s Day, she and her stylists were planning on setting up a mobile salon of sorts in the cafeteria of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Phoenix. Their goal: To do Make “uppers” for moms whose children are critically ill and currently in the hospital.

As she shared this idea with the other women, something pretty fantastic began to unfold. Over the next 90 minutes, they connected with other extraordinary women entrepreneurs at the event, who were willing to step up and help this fantastic concept take shape. They collected a photographer, videographer, treats, flowers, books, cosmetics, greeting cards, and other incredible gifts – all to help uplift, nourish, and encourage the hearts and souls of these mothers who are facing one of the biggest challenges a mother can ever face.

Fabulous, yes? But it doesn’t stop there.

A new goal presented itself that night: to bring this beautiful concept to at least 25 cities in the next year, in order to touch the lives and hearts of other mothers in similar circumstances around the country. Truly spectacular.

Now, imagine what would have happened had the other women on that rooftop acted in a spirit of competition instead of collaboration? Lack, instead of abundance? Fear, instead of confidence?

I’m sure that generous salon owner and her stylists would have shown up 100% and touched the lives of those mothers in a meaningful, lasting way… wonderful in itself, but that might have been the end of it. But now, not only will the recipients of this beautiful gift be touched by the efforts of one team, they will be uplifted by the efforts of a whole community.

And perhaps the best part – the story continues on. This magical idea – the result of cooperation and collaboration – will take flight and touch the hearts and minds of communities around the country.

It’s the power of collaboration, my friends.

Because something incredible and amazing happens when you bring together the knowledge, creativity, experience, and passion of multiple minds to create one powerful force…

Magic. Unadulterated, unfiltered, and undeniable; power in its purest form. Pure, fricking magic.

Photo credit: Stella Crowl, Style Image Studios

The Quarterly is produced by Dena Trakes Patton and consists of five organizations: Chat Chew and Chocolate, Heart Link Network, Le Tip, NetworkingPhoenix.com, Arizona Women Networking.