Free PR through guest blogging

What if I told you a single blog post could send hundreds or thousands of people who have never heard of your company or business straight to your website? What if you could create this opportunity monthly, or even weekly? You are probably thinking, “cut to the chase, tell me what blog I have to post on my page to get that traffic!” But that’s only half the information you need to get the results you want.

What you really need to do is start paying attention to a special marketing strategy—guest posting. I’ll get to that shortly, but I want to ask another question first. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your business or you yourself create a great piece of content, but it never really gets all the great attention you envisioned it would? That’s because you posted it on the wrong website. “But I posted it on my business’ blog!” you might exclaim. And therein lies your problem.

Guest Posting means you can take your content farther

What if there was a way to take the work you normally do and have it produce results like a highly effective PR machine would? That’s where the appeal of guest posting comes into play. Guest posting is exactly what it sounds like: posting on another business or blogger’s platform, or accepting posts from outside authors on your own website. In fact, you’re reading a guest post right now.

Why would you post that great content we were talking about earlier on someone else’s website? For a variety of great reasons. First and foremost, let’s borrow from our very own CEM Guide to Guest Posting, “What’s the hardest part about doing business on the internet? People finding you on the internet.” Guest posting allows you to create links and backlinks to your site and other reputable sites. It also allows for your business to be seen outside of organic searches.

That last sentence you just read is extremely important. For new or less established businesses, it can feel like an impossible challenge to get your business seen on Google and other search engines. By guest posting, you are putting your name with quality information onto an established website. All of the regular followers of this site will see your high quality and informative post, many will share on social media, and your name will spread.

If you have the content, your post can spread faster than rumors about who kissed who in middle school. For example, one guest post created by Loren Baker at Blue Glass “got 2,900+ natural retweets in two days, hit the front page of Digg 12 hours later, and it now has over 250 incoming links.” Talk about some serious exposure. There’s no reason why smart guest posting can’t get similar results for you.

Guest posting utilizes new and old networking tactics to get results.

The beauty of guest posting is how well it incorporates effective marketing techniques for generating awareness. First of all, guest posting on the right places allows you to build a relationship with similar business owners as well as their followers. Social media has enabled people to spread information at lightning speeds. That information spreads exponentially and guest posting is perfect for these tools because it gives you an opportunity to link your social media platforms as well as your business. Plus, if you put quality content on a guest post and many readers share it, you get exponentially more exposure than you would on your own blog or website.

You’ll get the technical SEO bonuses from links, backlinks, and social media exposure. You’ll also have the opportunity to form genuine relationships and connect with people in your industry, and with interested consumers. That’s what builds businesses, online and offline. As Pro Blogger James Chartrand states, “Guest posting is one of the best – and cheapest – ways to market your business, put your product or services in front of new buyers and boost your potential for success quickly.” That’s absolutely right; he’s not exaggerating.

So take some time to do research on guest posting. The benefits are real and the results are extremely beneficial. You can’t afford to ignore this tactic with your small business.