Every Friday, we feature one woman entrepreneur who is a part of the Entreprenista.com Facebook community. This week, it’s Kathy Bass, founder of Ladies Who Brand, Inc. Read her story, get inspired, and get connected!

Ladies Who Brand - Kathy BassWho Are You? Kathy Bass, The Branding Lady TM founded Ladies Who Brand, Inc. based on many years of social media research, personal branding and entrepreneurial experience. Kathy also has a background in Business, Marketing, Psychology and Design. Her partners {your personal branding team} are on board with her vision to Power up! Entrepreneurs short on time and money, but big on passion and are invested in your success.  She also has a supportive husband, two dogs, loves to ski{h2o & snow}, hike, swim and run to keep balanced while living the entrepreneurial lifestyle to the fullest.

What Do You Do? We help entrepreneurs discover, create and communicate a strong brand identity, so they can start seeing successful results{online & offline}. We make branding affordable and accessible to everyone with a passion to start their own business, through an educational branding column, Power up! Branding Seminar, Branding Analysis and Branding Briefcase to enable you to showcase your brand.

In other words: Big company branding for the bootstrapping solopreneur, so you can do what you love and love what you do.

Why Do You Do What You Do? I was stuck and experienced my own personal “brand identity crisis”, then I came up with THE solution. While figuring out THE solution, I discovered the top 4 reasons why most entrepreneurs and startups fail:

  1. No focus, too many offerings, wrong or unknown target market, and ineffective activities
  2. Not having a professional image and branding elements in place at the beginning
  3. Not having a system in place
  4. Minimal support, resources, tools, and knowledge to overcome these 3 obstacles

People are stuck right now, but we all need to get back to basics, do more with less and love what we are doing.  Everyone has their own unique gifts, and my simple purpose is to Power up! Entrepreneurs, so you can capitalize on minimal resources to produce maximum results.

Where Can We Find You? I’d love to hear your branding questions & challenges, and if you would like to receive branding tips and daily Power up! quotes – find us on Facebook.  Along with Facebook, here are other spots to connect with me:

Branding Column: http://exm.nr/h9ggVp
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LadiesWhoBrandInc
Telephone: 800.805.0350 ext. 5
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ladieswhobrand
Video: http://bit.ly/ciKYf9
Website: http://www.ladieswhobrand.com

How Can We Help You Move Forward in Your Business? After 1 year of testing, retesting, and refining our core competencies, while perfecting our system — we are officially launching on April 26th.  In celebration of our upcoming 1 year birth celebration, we are offering our Branding Analysis for only $99 and will be holding a contest to win a free Brand Magnet Branding Briefcase. For more details and to enter contest, please go to our beta website at: www.LadiesWhoBrand.com

Final Thoughts: A brand communicates that you are credible, while showing commitment and pride – which translates into positive energy and confidence. A strong brand differentiates you, makes you look “bigger” and memorable to enable repetition from brand fans.  Start small, and think BIG!!!

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