As you begin the exciting process of blazing down the road to your business and lifestyle goals, you’re immediately faced with challenges. One challenge, especially common for beginning entrepreneurs, is determining how you can position yourself as an expert. You may struggle with this kind of self-identification considering you’re just starting out. It can feel incongruent or even disingenuous, but the fact is, showcasing your expertise is essential for success. It’s also not arrogant. The truth is that the public appreciates authority, and you don’t have to have run a successful business for years to claim some of your own.

You Don’t Need to Know Everything

Nobody knows everything. Some people know a lot about a little. Others know a little about a lot. Most of us fall somewhere in between. Don’t let yourself become intimidated by the throngs of experts that exist in your field. There will always be someone smarter and more talented around the corner, but there will never be another you. You’re a composite of your unique accumulation of knowledge and personal experiences, and this identity shapes your unique selling position. You don’t need to know everything. You simply need to effectively impart the knowledge that you do have.

Put Yourself Out There

The sooner the better. If you’ve got something to say, get it out there. If you keep waiting for the right time, you’ll always be pushing your goals further away, making it impossible to catch them. Start writing down what you know with a series of informative articles. Share your opinions with an engaging blog. Better yet, pen an eBook. Not only do these written demonstrations display your value as an expert, they will reinforce the knowledge that you already do have. You’ll start to realize you know a lot more than you think you do once you begin to put yourself out there.

Do an Interview

You don’t have to wait to be contacted to do an interview. You can also be proactive and contact media publications on your own. Even a small quote in a publication can give you a whole lot of credibility and recognition. Conversely, conduct interviews with other experts. Expertise by association is a palpable phenomenon. You’ll also get the opportunity to learn one-on-one from somebody who probably has a lot to teach.

Build Your Confidence

If you don’t genuinely believe you have value to share, nobody else will either. Remember, you don’t need to have an encyclopedic knowledge of a subject to offer value. Practice daily affirmations and reward yourself for your efforts. If you tell yourself and others that you’re an expert, you will start to believe it, and your expertise will manifest in your daily actions. People naturally gravitate toward leaders. Emulate their qualities and your authority and leadership will begin to snowball.

Keep Improving

Of course, the best experts don’t reach a certain point in their career and suddenly stop moving. On the contrary, the best of the best are the most highly motivated and the hardest working. Make self-improvement and education a regular part of your daily routine. Read, ask questions, take action, experiment, and read some more. This kind of self-actualization will ensure that you stay ahead of the game.

Don’t wait until you’re “ready” to showcase your expertise. You’re ready now. Find your unique point of view and start sharing it with others today.