Entreprenista.com is the premier network for women creating success. Dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and empowering women to create lives of purpose, passion, and power, Entreprenista.com creates vibrant, impactful opportunities both online and in the real world for women to connect, learn, grow, and thrive.

What is an “Entreprenista”?

An entreprenista is a woman with an entrepreneurial vision.  She is a risk-taker, a trailblazer, a dreamer, and a doer. She is ready to live her passion, earn what she’s worth, take back her time, forge her own path, dream big dreams, take control of her future, fulfill her purpose, overcome fear, make the impossible possible, discover her power, make a difference, redefine success, fall in love with her life, and thrive.  Sometimes she succeeds, and sometimes she fails; but always she chooses her own path.

What We Do Here

Self-guided Learning: Discover how to master your business and take charge of your success. We’ll provide a steady stream of great online content, including articles, how-go guides, interviews, and videos to help.

Networking: Connect to other women entrepreneurs through a simple-yet-effective social network. Connect and engage with women from your own region, or reach out and network with women across the globe.

Coaching: Coaching is the best way to fast-track your success! Our coaching programs have been designed to work with your unique strengths and un-strengths to help you stress less, accomplish more in less time, put more balance in your life, and put more money in your pocket.

Events: We believe events are the spice of life… or at least your business! We pride ourselves on designing and delivering unique, experiential events that are memorable, impactful AND effective. From networking to mastermind events, and retreats to conferences, we’ve got your success in mind.

The Woman Behind the Vision

Tara Vosse, Founder

Tara Vosse is a passionate entrepreneur, visionary, small business expert, speaker, business mentor, and empowered entreprenista. Her motto: Live life unstoppable!

Since the age of 21, Tara has launched 13 separate small businesses, including a nanny agency, an online clothing resale store, an hourly childcare & activity center, a graphic design company, an international social media agency, an affordable social media solution for small businesses, and a leading resource for women entrepreneurs around the globe.

You can learn more about Tara here.